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China International Youth Arts Festival

The China International Youth Arts Festival, sponsored by the China International Culture Association and the China Arts and Entertainment Group, is organized by CPAA Theatres Ltd and China Cultural International Tours Inc. It was China’s first large-scale multilateral cultural exchange event focusing on young people, and has been held successfully ten times since its debut in 2008.

Over the years, the high-profile and enriching festival has attracted tens of thousands of youths from home and abroad, allowing them to meet old and new friends and enjoy spectacular art performances of various genres. Being a major platform for cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign youths, it has achieved a high reputation in China and across the world.


7th Session

The 7th China International Youth Arts Festival ran from August 12 to 31, 2014.  Beijing was the main venue while parallel sessions were held simultaneously in seven other Chinese cities – Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Xining, Lanzhou, Jinan and Dezhou.

The festival consisted of 81 events, including performances, exhibitions and lectures, as well as 494 activities of various kinds. More than 2,500 artists from 23 countries and regions including the US, the UK and Germany presented some of their best performances.

The event also attracted participation by a record number of universities, including 13 renowned ones such as Peking University, the Minzu University of China, the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts and the China Conservatory of Music

8th Session

The 8th China International Youth Arts Festival had its main venue in Beijing, with parallel sessions held in eight other Chinese cities, namely Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jinan, Lanzhou, Xining, Xiamen, Zhuhai and Dezhou.

The event included 157 outstanding Chinese and foreign concerts, dances, traditional Chinese operas and art performances, stage plays, musical theatrical productions  and western operas. There were 550 performances, a record high, involving young artists from 28 countries and regions, namely China, Russia, Japan, Portugal, Israel, Egypt, France, Switzerland, the UK, Austria, Germany, Canada, Ukraine, Italy, the US, Ireland, Spain, South Africa, Denmark, Bulgaria, Serbia, India, Australia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Panama, China’s Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The 8th China International Youth Arts Festival honored Russia as a special guest in the hope that Chinese and Russian youths would bear history in mind, look forward to the future, and integrate their dreams to push for world peace and development.

During the 8th session, a support program for young artists was launched, aiming to discover high-quality original contemporary artworks and promote outstanding art talents and performing groups in a methodical manner. The program mainly focuses on vocal and instrumental music and musicals, and aims to build talent pools to support the sustainable growth of China’s culture and arts sector.


9th Session 

The 9th China International Youth Arts Festival ran from August 12 to 27, 2016, with Beijing as the main venue and parallel sessions held in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jinan and six other Chinese cities. A total of 187 works from China, the US, Russia and 33 other countries and regions were staged, ranging from concerts, dramas and dance to operas and musicals. Various art activities, such as exhibitions, forums and workshops, were also organized. 

The 9th session gave special consideration to Silk Road elements, which were integrated thematically in a performance at the opening and closing ceremony. The event also aspired to facilitate exchanges of cultural and art programs as well as talents among countries along the Belt and Road. 

Other special events during the festival included a cultural gala for youths from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, as well as a cultural exchange day for Chinese and Ukrainian youths. 

The festival is not the only impetus for talent cultivation. There are also the Asian Cultural Industry Training Plan, the China-ROK Cultural Industry Youth Training Camp, and the CPAA Theatres Youth Performing Arts Training Program, all of which were conceived as learning and sharing platforms for young people eyeing a career in the cultural industry in Asia.

10th Session

2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of China International Youth Arts Festival. As the first large-scale national and international multilateral cultural exchange activity with the primary audience being the youth, the festival has attracted tens of thousands of Chinese and foreign youths to participate in activities with high standards and high quality. It not only provides a vast platform for show and exchange but also brings audiences with countless colorful audio-visual feasts.

The 10th International Youth Arts Festival will last for three weeks with Beijing as the main venue. The activities will be hosted in 12 cities including Shanghai, Guangzhou and Jinan. During the event, there will be 115 shows from 36 countries and regions including China, US and Russia. Apart from concerts, dances, chamber music, operas and musicals, various artistic activities covering exhibitions, forums as well as art education and training will also highlight the festival. Among them, there are "Virtual Workshop - Interactive Media Art Exhibition", "International Youth Postcards Exhibition", "International Youth Art Exchange Exhibition" and "Paintings for the Mountains and Rivers – Young Painters' Exhibition".

This festival continues the "Cross-Straits Youth Culture Festival" to promote exchanges between the youth from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan. The activity helps promote mutual understanding, deepen mutual friendship and jointly promote Chinese culture. In the "Youth Arts Talent Support Program," there will be a musical competition and performance in collaboration with the Chinese Culture and Economic Association in Taiwan and the Graduate Institute of Arts Administration and Management of Taipei National University of the Arts. At the same time, the two sides initiated an internship platform for cross-strait cultural industries. 15 outstanding college students from Taiwan will be selected to go to the Chinese mainland for a half-month cultural exchange practice and 15 outstanding college students from the Chinese mainland will go to Taiwan for cultural exchange the following year. The "Beijing People’s Cultural Consumption Season Series Activities" have been meticulously integrated in the cultivation of cultural consumption concept, leading the desire of cultural consumption and enriching the cultural lives of the people. The "Happy Move Beijing" movement aims to help international youth experience Beijing and China and allow Chinese youth embrace the world. The "China Collegiate Music Festival" provides a platform for campus musicians to fully demonstrate their vitality and creativity.