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Global Winter Wonderland

The Global Winter Wonderland is a mobile theme park forged by China Arts and Entertainment Group (CAEG) catering to the needs on the North American entertainment market and the tastes of local audiences. It integrates Chinese temple fairs with western carnivals, enabling visitors to admire traditional Chinese lanterns, explore exotic food, have fun, and shop in the colorful and joyful park.


Lanterns in the patterns of those in the famous lantern town of Zigong, southwest China’s Sichuan province constitute the core part of the show, combining the features of traditional Chinese culture with western visual arts elements. It serves as a valuable exhibition and performance platform that promotes the essence of the Chinese culture in all aspects, showcasing China’s rich culture including performing arts, intangible cultural heritage, folk customs and cuisines. 

Since collaboration with the California, US-based International Culture Exchange Group in 2012, the Global Winter Wonderland has been held for four consecutive years, attracting 350,000 visitors annually, bringing happiness and joy to Americans and allowing them to enjoy experiencing Chinese temple fairs. 

Today, the Global Winter Wonderland has become a localized, market-oriented and diversified event, an all-round innovative cultural show popular among overseas audiences.