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Asia Arts Festival


Asia boasts beautiful rivers and mountains, and has experienced remarkable economic booms. Asia boasts cultural diversity, and has created brilliant civilizations. Asia boasts countries which, connected by those rivers and mountains, used to conduct frequent and friendly communication with one another. However, in modern history, Asian countries fell victims to economic plunder by those coveting their  rich resources, suffered cultural discrimination because of poverty, and experienced ups and downs in relations. They even became estranged from one another as a result of external manipulation.

Nevertheless, geographical proximity, cultural integration and common destiny have closely linked Asian nations together once again.


The mid-19th century saw Asia gradually arise like a giant awakening from a deep slumber at dawn. After World War II, Asian countries gained freedom one after another, and beginning from the 1980s they accelerated economic development. With the independence of nations and an economic boom, Asia ushered in an age of profound cultural consciousness. When capital, science, technology and goods flocked into the continent along with western culture, Asia began to seek answers to these questions: “What marks a country’s independence from other nations in the world?” “Where are we from and where are we heading?” Asian countries began to enhance mutual understanding and friendships through conducting cultural exchanges in a more conscientious manner, reversed the trend of marginalization of Asian cultures through intergovernmental cooperation, and thereby laid a solid foundation for the sustainable growth of various nations in the region through retaining the uniqueness of their culture.

The age called for a platform to facilitate exhibitions, evaluations and research in Asia’s culture and arts, so in 1998 the Asia Arts Festival was launched in China. A peacefully rising China and other countries in Asia determined to enhance mutual understanding and friendships through carrying out a variety of cultural exchanges. Thus, “enhancing understanding, deepening friendship, creating new glory and seeking common development” have become the goals of the Asia Arts Festival.


The Asia Arts Festival, the first national-level international art festival targeting a specific region, is sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Culture. Since its debut in Beijing in 1998, 14 sessions have been successfully held.

The Asia Arts Festival aims to present a brand new and all-round image of Asian culture to the rest of the world, create exchange opportunities for various art forms, and promote cultural exchanges between China and other Asian nations. In previous sessions, artists presented impressive shows of unique arts, in theaters but also in other public places such as parks, which helped increase the festival’s attractiveness and influence.

The annual Asia Arts Festival has become well-known internationally, providing an excellent opportunity for artists to showcase the unique styles and charms of Asian arts. It will continue to draw more attention from the public as well as the international arts community, and to contribute to promoting cultural exchanges between China and other Asian countries.