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Immortal Chi

Print Share Updated: 2018-02-07 09:54


The fashionable and legendary show, Immortal Chi, has achieved a perfect fusion of traditional Chinese martial arts and brilliant musical rhythm, bringing visitors with unprecedented entertainment experiences.

Immortal Chi explores the meaning of life and pays tribute to it, with inspiration coming from the philosophy behind Tai Chi, which believes that the harmonious balance between human beings and all other creatures leads to the eternity of life through generations.

In the show, a Tai Chi master goes on a journey in pursuit of “balance”.  In the world of Tai Chi, with constant changes and its worshipping nature, he earnestly pursued supreme balance. As a result, the method of “balance” was lost, but eventually recovered.

Visitors can admire the amazing Chinese martial arts and passionate percussion music by female artists, alongside a variety of other art elements, such as sports skills, dances, original music and humor. But the show is not merely based on kong fu; there are many more – multimedia technology, exquisite costumes, spectacular lights and cutting-edge stage technology, all perfectly integrated to create spectacular effects!

After its debut, Immortal Chi successfully landed in more than 30 cities in the UK in 2014, where it was highly praised by local media and audiences alike.