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Era-Intersection of Time

Print Share Updated: 2018-02-07 09:35


“Chinese elements, international production; Chinese story, international expression” perfectly portrays the Era-Intersection of Times unique features and extraordinary starting point. The show, a multimillion-dollar production created by a world-renowned professional team, is a masterpiece that can be compared to the worlds very best theatrical works.

The worlds top soundtrack, lights, electronics and multimedia water curtains create an unprecedented audio-visual spectacle. A fantastic fusion of various art elements, such as original live music, fantastic dance, stunning acrobatics and martial arts, creates breathtaking effects with the help of advanced multimedia technologies.


As of December 2015, more than 4,000 shows of Era-Intersection of Time had been staged, attracting as many as over four million visitors and grossing more than 500 million yuan ($75.65 million) at the box office.


Dubbed “Asia’s No 1 show”, Era-Intersection of Time is regarded as a revolutionary production that transcends time and space with epoch-making innovations, ushering in a new age for China’s flourishing performing arts.