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China Goes Pop!: Joyful ode to East-West fusion

Print Share Updated: 2018-02-07 10:27

Following the concepts of “Chinese elements, international production; Chinese story, international expression”, China Goes Pop! was funded and produced by China Arts and Entertainment Group (CAEG), with a top Broadway team contributing creative ideas to the production. CAEG also worked closely with a creative team from its subsidiary China Performing Arts Agency and selected brilliant world-class acrobats as leads, as a part of the joint efforts to forge a brand new show characteristic of East-West fusion. 

China Goes Pop! tells a story about a talented young Chinese painter, who expressed his feelings in a passionate painting themed around love after experiencing the painful setbacks of love himself. The story is narrated by the use of flashback, how the couples met, how they fell in love, how they experienced love’s ups and downs and confusion, persisting in seeking out true love…all the way through to a happy ending.


The US production team adopts narrative styles used by Broadway musicals while integrating a lot of the Chinese nation’s cultural elements into the show. Moreover, body language and excellent musical melodies are used to highlight a fashionable performance style targeting young people across the world.

Besides, China Goes Pop! brings together various art elements – China’s acrobatics, shadow puppets, face (or mask) changing and fan dance, alongside international pop music, Broadway dances, black light dance and multimedia technology. The spectacular show not only depicts a moving story, but also serves as a visual feast, with all the flickering lights, gorgeous colors, stunning skills, amazing dance, beautiful costumes and original props, contributing to a light, joyful, vivid and humorous production for young creative minds around the world.