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Shanghai Daning Theater

Print Share Updated: 2018-02-27 16:43

Shanghai Daning Theater was the first comprehensive professional theater north of the Suzhou River. It opened in May 2011 and is operated and managed by Shanghai Zhongyan Culture and Art Co Ltd, a subsidiary of China Arts and Entertainment Group (CAEG).


Daning Theater is located at the intersection of Pingxingguan Road and Lingshi Road. The theater is in the cultural center of Shanghai and is adjacent to the Daning business district, Shanghai University, Shibei High-tech Park and a high-end residential area. With a total area of 7,363 square meters, it can host a total of 1,115 people. Its advanced and complete lighting and sound system can meet the needs of various types of performances and conferences. Daning Theater has become a cultural landmark north of the Suzhou River, and is an ideal cultural venue for people in north Shanghai to expand their knowledge and pursue their interests.


Daning Theater hosts more than 100 cultural performances and art events including music, dance, dramas, and children's plays every year. At present, the theater owns the brands of the performance series Daning Art Source public welfare performances, and the Pure Vocal A Cappella and Happy Life fine children's plays series. In 2013, Daning Theater initiated the establishment of the Shanghai A Cappella International Cultural and Creative Industry Development Base. In 2016, it introduced and operated major performances including the Broadway classic original musical production My Fair Lady, The Swingle Singers and Compagnie Marie Chouinard’s The Rite of Spring & 24 Preludes by Chopin. Daning Theater has become a reputable performance venue in Shanghai.