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Xiamen Banlam Grand Theater

Print Share Updated: 2018-02-07 14:55

Banlam Grand Theater is located at No 87 Zhanhong Road in the northern part of the Convention and Exhibition Zone. It has a floorage of 27,000 square meters and an investment of 430 million yuan ($65 million).

It was built according to the top international standards and is the largest and most advanced theater in the city and in Fujian province.

A new cultural landmark in Xiamen, it is the first theater on the eastern part of the city and will help form a cultural cluster in eastern Xiamen.

The theater combines the architectural styles of Shanghai and Minnan (south of Fujian province) with a silver-white triangular hollowed-out wall contrasting with bright red. The semi-open glass curtain wall makes the theater brighter and more spacious.


The white and red interior creates a warm and joyful atmosphere. The streamlined design can be found everywhere, providing people a taste of modernist abstraction and memories of waves.

Its auditorium has 1,501 seats and the design and building materials were elaborately selected to reach international acoustics standards. The main stage is equipped with advanced equipment including lighting and acoustic devices. It can host operas, dramas, symphonies, chamber music and choruses and can stage international performances.

Operated by a professional team from a subsidiary of China Arts and Entertainment Group, the theater plans to bring in top Chinese and foreign artists and art troupes. It also aims to become a bridgehead for cultural exchange with Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao and the world.

It is positioned as a boutique State-level theater with internationalized program production and management and hopes to serve as a platform to boost the city’s culture and meet the needs of cross-Straits residents. It is striving to develop into an international cultural exchange platform.