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Shandong Grand Theater

Print Share Updated: 2018-02-27 16:49

Shandong Grand Theater is located in the core area of the west new city in Jinan, Shandong province. It is one of the national-level grand theaters managed and operated by China Arts and Entertainment Group (CAEG). It was the main venue of the 10th China Arts Festival in 2013. With an overall construction area of 85,000 square meters, the theater is the biggest and most advanced theater in Shandong province. It has become a brand new cultural landmark in Jinan, enhancing the cultural quality of the whole city and laying a solid foundation for the upgrade and perfection of the public cultural service system in Shandong province. The theater is also driving the formation of regional development models of a Western Cultural Center, a Central Economic Center and an Eastern Hi-tech Center in Jinan.


Based on its own cultural integration advantages and global channel network, CAEG adheres to the management tenet and development strategy of "national and international theater" and strives to make Shandong Grand Theater the hall of elegant art, the central hub and core of the national performance market, a state-of-the-art performing arts center and a national cultural exchange base. It contributes to the cultural construction, development and prosperity of Shandong province.


The theater was designed by the renowned French architect Paul Andreu, who designed the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris and the National Grand Theater in Beijing. The design concept comes from China’s great poet Du Fu's poem "O peak of peaks, how high it stands! One boundless green o’erspreads two States"(translated by Xu Yuanchong), reflecting the outstanding  self-improvement and diligence of the people in Shandong province.


The design of the buildings also reflects the beautiful geographical environment, rich cultural atmosphere and profound cultural heritage of the province. The theater is comprised of three hemispherical buildings, showing the elegant feature of Jinan, the "Spring City".


The opera hall has 1,677 seats and is mainly used for large-scale productions, musicals, and dance dramas (including ballet). The 1,496-seat music hall is mainly for classical and contemporary music performance. The multifunctional hall has 476 seats. Its buildings include the central square, two-story underground garages and municipal facilities, allowing audiences to enjoy the arts among running waters and green trees. The theater reflects the rapid pursuit of spiritual life of the people and it has witnessed a major shift in the way of people's life in Shandong. Shandong Grand Theater will inherit its traditional cultural roots, create cultural highlands and lead new cultural and art fashions in Shandong province.