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The China Arts and Entertainment Group (CAEG), together with its two major subsidiaries China Performing Arts Agency (CPAA) and China International Exhibition Agency (CIEA), is China’s leading international culture and entertainment enterprise with over 60 years of experience in China and around the world.

CAEG has built long-term close cooperative relationship with agencies, cultural companies, theatres, exhibition galleries, performance groups, and renowned artists from over 100 countries around the world and has established a global channel network system of cultural exchange and trade in the performing arts and exhibition industry.

As a company specializing in international performances, art exhibitions and cultural tourism, CAEG devotes itself to the concept of “let China be a stage for the world and let the world be a stage for China,” while advancing its international capabilities. Each year, CAEG presents on average over 4,000 different kinds of performances, exhibitions and other cultural activities in over 200 cities in dozens of countries and regions, attracting over 10 million attendees.

Throughout the year CAEG operates many high profile events and major performances and exhibitions, including the Meet in Beijing Arts Festival (held annually since 2000), the China International Chorus Festival (held biennially since 1992), the China International Youth Festival (held annually since 2008), the Asia Arts Festival (held biennially since 1998), the Image China Performance Series, Happy Chinese New Year, the Venice Biennale-China Pavilion, and the China Art Industry Expo. CAEG’s ability to create original productions is also highly recognized in the industry. Its productions include ERA-Intersection of Time, Shaolin Warriors, China Goes Pop, and many other stage performances which suit both domestic and overseas markets.

CAEG has preliminarily built a channel network that covers China’s major consumption markets. Its subsidiary Ticket China Co. LTD is one of the largest culture and sports event ticket sales and distribution companies in China, with branches in all major cities. Another subsidiary of CAEG, CPAA Theaters, owns 10 CPAA directly-managed theatres and nearly 70 CPAA allied-theaters across 27 provinces. It stages 5,000 performances every year, filling 120,000 seats with total audiences of over 4.2 million people. CAEG also initiated and organized the “Silk Road International League of Theatres”, a platform for international cultural exchange and cooperation.