Beijing celebrates Uzbekistan Cultural Day

Print Share Updated: 2024-01-23 13:43

On Jan 22, the Uzbekistan Cultural Day organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China and the Ministry of Culture of Uzbekistan, and hosted by China Arts and Entertainment Group Ltd. (CAEG), opened in Beijing. Sun Yueli, minister of Culture and Tourism of China, and Ozodbek Nazarbekov, minister of Culture of Uzbekistan, attended the event and delivered speeches.

Last October, the Chinese Cultural Day held in Uzbekistan vividly showcased the beauty of cultural exchanges between China and Uzbekistan. A series of rich cultural exchange will be held, including a concert by the Uzbekistan National Symphony Orchestra and an exhibition of Uzbekistan's photography and applied arts.

Following the opening ceremony, artists from the Uzbekistan National Ballet presented a dance drama called "Razg," portraying the themes of love and soul.