CAEG and Scottish Arts Foundation sign agreement on promoting Kunqu art

Print Share Updated: 2023-11-07 16:11

On Nov 3, during the Guilin Arts Festival in Guangxi, China, Li Jinsheng, chairman of China Arts and Entertainment Group Ltd. (CAEG), met with Richard Lewis, chairman of the Scotland Asia Arts Foundation, former chairman of the Edinburgh Festival and former chairman of the Edinburgh Council Cultural Committee. They discussed further implementation of strategic partnership agreements and explored opportunities for deepening exchanges and cooperation. In 2024, both parties will collaborate in selecting and organizing Chinese artists and art groups to participate in the Edinburgh Festival. At the same time, outstanding artists and performances from the Edinburgh Festival will be introduced to China, and plans will be made to present international new creations for touring in China.

During the meeting, witnessed by Chairman Li Jinsheng and Chairman Richard Lewis; Wang Lu, general manager of China Performing Arts Agency Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CAEG, and Wang Yongjia, a director of the Scottish Arts Foundation, signed a cooperation agreement for the organization of the "2024 Inaugural Edinburgh Global Rediscovery Kunqu Arts Festival". The event will be jointly organized by CAEG and the Scotland Asia Arts Foundation, with China Performing Arts Agency Co., Ltd. as the organizer. There will be  involvement from relevant Kunqu theaters. The festival will be launched in August 2024 at the Edinburgh Festival, featuring overseas performances of multiple classic Kunqu works, collaborations between European theater masters and Chinese artists for premiere shows, showcasing young talents, an Edinburgh Global Forum on Asian traditional theater arts, and the global promotion of Kunqu art.