Golden Bay Art Center joins Zhuhai art scene

Print Share Updated: 2023-09-18 15:21

Zhuhai adds another artistic landmark to its cityscape. On Sept 8, the bidding results for the management and operation of the Golden Bay Art Center were announced, and China Performing Arts Group's subsidiary, China Performing Arts Cinema Line, won the bid. With Guangzhou Grand Theatre, Shenzhen Coastal Art Center, Zhuhai Huafa China Performing Arts Grand Theatre, and Foshan Grand Theatre already part of their theater group in the Greater Bay Area, the China Performing Arts Cinema Line now proudly welcomes another new member.

Artistic positioning from deconstructing the city to capturing art

Located at the heart of the Golden Bay area in Zhuhai's Aviation City, the Golden Bay Art Center enjoys a central location surrounded by water. With a total land area of approximately 66,700 square meters and a total construction area of about 84,800 square meters, it was designed by the internationally renowned Zaha Hadid Architects. Zaha Hadid, the first woman to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize, is known as the "master of deconstructivism" in the architecture field. Her works often showcase bold use of space and geometric structures, reflecting the complex nature of urban architecture. Landmark buildings such as Beijing Daxing International Airport and Guangzhou Grand Theatre all bear her distinctive architectural style.

Situated in the core area of Zhuhai's Western Ecological New Zone, the Golden Bay Art Center's architectural landscape and surrounding lakes are integral to Zhuhai's "sponge city" construction. The venue consists of two large and two small buildings symmetrically arranged, interconnected by a central plaza. The overall design resembles a butterfly ready to take flight, combining architectural aesthetics with dynamic forms, effectively conveying the artistic positioning of the space.

Elegant as the fluttering butterfly, bewitching visitors, the center aims to enhance regional cultural imports, strengthen artistic incubation, transform its functional structure, and evolve from "delivering culture" to "cultivating culture." It seeks to create a "haven for poetry and dreams," promoting the cultural development of the Golden Bay area and meeting the spiritual and cultural needs of Zhuhai residents.

Boosting urban art accessibility and the supply of digital cultural resources

As a landmark cultural facility and core resource for public cultural services in Zhuhai's Golden Bay area, the center consists of a main theater (1,217 seats), a multifunctional theater (470 seats), an art gallery, and an X Space. It also includes VIP halls, ticketing halls, dressing rooms, office areas, rehearsal halls, audience halls, and other supporting facilities. The center will host a variety of high-quality domestic and international art performances, art exhibitions, art education programs, production of theatrical works,and international cultural and artistic exchanges. It will also serve as a venue for large conferences, special presentations, press conferences, and art auctions.

The four different venues—A: the main theater, B: the multifunctional hall, C: the art gallery, and D: the X Space—are interconnected by a central plaza and sky bridges. This allows dynamic performances and static exhibitions to coexist independently while complementing each other's functions.

The main theater and the multifunctional theater will primarily host traditional professional performances while also aligning with industry trends, focusing on immersive experiences and new forms of performance spaces. The art gallery and X Space will showcase cross-sector IP collaborations and emerging content. With seamless connectivity among the four venues, the Golden Bay Art Center will strive to diversify its content and strengthen its market operations.

As a new urban landmark in Zhuhai, the Golden Bay Art Center fills the gap in the western region's lack of internationally-oriented, modern, and professional theaters. It, together with Guangzhou Grand Theatre and Huafa China Performing Arts Grand Theatre, forms a new cultural and artistic landmark cluster in Zhuhai, marking a significant milestone for the development of the western region.

In the future, the center will gather cultural and artistic talents, shape the Golden Bay's cultural and artistic brand, increase public art accessibility, and provide a range of digital cultural resources to meet the diverse cultural needs of audiences of all ages. It will contribute to the high-quality integration of culture, commerce, and tourism in the Greater Bay Area.

Professional management and operation contribute to the construction of an ecological, open, vibrant, and refined modern city

China Performing Arts Cinema Line (CPAACL), which won the bid for the operation and management of the Golden Bay Art Center, is a core subsidiary of China Performing Arts Group, a global cultural state-owned enterprise. The company has established the China Performing Arts Cinema Line Alliance, covering theaters nationwide, as well as the "Silk Road International Theatre Alliance." With extensive experience in theater operation and management, platform construction, brand development, and the exchange of performing arts and exhibitions, CPAACL has achieved fruitful results.

Established in 2010, CPAACL initially focused on Guangzhou, known as the "southern gateway" of China. Over the past decade, it has established theater groups in many cities in the Greater Bay Area, including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, and Foshan. Guangzhou Grand Theatre, as its flagship theater, has become one of the "Top 10 Opera Houses in the World," serving as a benchmark for theater operation.

In 2021, CPAACL was incorporated into the China Arts and Entertainment Group, a member of the China National Theatre Corporation. The company's development in the southern market, particularly in the Greater Bay Area, has become more prominent. It continuously accelerates the production of high-quality performances, promotes diverse cultural exchanges, and collaborates in cultural and artistic exchanges with Hong Kong and Macau.