China Cultural Tourism Exhibition debuts at travel fair in Singapore

Print Share Updated: 2023-08-22 11:53

From Aug 11 to 13, the China Cultural Tourism Exhibition Zone  made its debut at the 2023 NATAS Travel Fair Singapore held at the Singapore Expo Center. The zone was organized by China Arts and Entertainment Group Ltd. (CAEG) and hosted by China Cultural International Tours Inc.

The opening ceremony was attended by Li Baozong, general manager of CAEG; Qin Wen, cultural counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Singapore; leaders of the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre; the China Tourism Office in Singapore; and other guests.

During the opening ceremony, a large-scale original musical, "Shijing: Gathering the Blooms," staged a performance of the song "I Wish to Be a Reed" by Zhuang Jie, the actor who played the role of Zi Qian. With its Chinese melodies the performance won the hearts of the audience.

The organizing committee of the NATAS Travel Fair Singapore held discussions with Li Baozong, and members of the Chinese delegation, and reached preliminary cooperation intentions. In the future, a long-term cooperation mechanism will be established to facilitate more Chinese companies to participate in exhibitions in Singapore and to expand new channels for Chinese inbound tourism.

At the Fair, the China Cultural Tourism Exhibition showcased the scenic spots such as Mount Emei, Yueyang Tower, Hukou Waterfall, and Mount Lao through vivid graphics, images, and videos. Over 10 institutions and cultural tourism companies, including China Tourism Scenic Spots Association and Guangzhou Carrytour Information Technology Co., Ltd., joined hands with China Cultural Tourism to promote popular cultural tourism IP brands such as "Encountering Museums" and the Manchester United Theatre of Dreams.

The exhibition also featured outstanding performances such as "The Twelve Zodiac Signs," presented by the China Eastern Performing Arts Group under the "Dancing China" project; "Silk Road Rain," staged by the Gansu Song and Dance Theater; and "My Dream" by the China Disabled People's Art Troupe. These offerings provided the Singaporean audience with a close-up look at China's rich cultural and tourism resources.

The fair attracted more than 100,000 visitors. Many travel agencies have expressed that the reinstatement of the 15-day visa-free entry arrangement for Singaporeans traveling to China has sparked a wave of interest in visiting China. The number of bookings for Chinese tourism packages accounted for half of the total performance.