Cross-Straits Youth Creative Design Exhibition opens online

Print Share Updated: 2022-12-01 11:59

On Nov 30, the "Cultural Empowerment Rural Revitalization-Cross-Straits Youth Creative Design Exhibition" opened on the official website of the China Cultural Center in Paris, Madrid, Sydney, Cairo, Tel Aviv, Yangon, Kuala Lumpur, Amman, Singapore, Malta and other countries. The WeChat public account and overseas mainstream social media platforms, such as Facebook (Facebook), Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, are also streaming the exhibition.

The "Cultural Empowerment Rural Revitalization-Cross-Straits Youth Creative Design Exhibition" opened on Nov 30. [Photo/CAEG]

With the theme of "Culture Empowers Rural Revitalization", the exhibition was open to 300 colleges and universities and 10,000 young designers across the country. A total of more than 200 groups of outstanding works have been selected, some of which have won various global design awards.

The exhibition uses creative design as a window to tell the story of contemporary China's "rural revitalization" to the world, so that fashion products from the Chinese countryside can reach the hearts of overseas people. The exhibition demonstrates the status quo of cross-Straits creative industry integration and development through online and offline cooperation, culture and technology integration, and the sharing of wisdom and cases of young designers from both sides of the Taiwan Straits to contribute to the cause of rural revitalization.

The exhibition displays cross-Straits creative design works with the theme of "rural revitalization" in the form of websites and metaverses, and connects with overseas Chinese cultural centers to promote the exhibit to the public in host countries.
The exhibition will run until Jan 15, 2023.

Exhibition website: http://csyd.gtn9.com/ 

(Translated by Wang Liyan)