German Painting Art Exhibition kicks off at Taicang Art Museum

Print Share Updated: 2023-01-12 12:02

Taicang has been committed to opening up and cultural exchange, with the Taicang Art Museum opening a new chapter in its development. The German Painting Art Exhibition kicked off at the museum on Jan 5 and will run until April 5.

This exhibition is chaired by Professor Dieter Jung, the former director of the National Museum of Art in Bonn, Germany, and Ren Rong, and is co-curated by the director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bonn, Germany, and Dr. Taifon Bergün, the director of the Osterhaus Museum in Hagen, and has been strongly supported by the Deji Art Museum.

The exhibition showcases 50 works by five German artists: Eberhard Loos, Klaus J. Schur, Nikolai Dimitov, Nicholas Bird, and Otto Eitelberger. They are outstanding representatives of German abstract painting, adhering to the artistic characteristics of German expressionism, lyricism and abstraction, subjective feeling and individual color, through the line and surface changes of the works, which are perfect presentations of visual art.

(Translated by Wang Liyan)