'Era 2 - Spirit of Shanghai' show inaugurated on July 31

Print Share Updated: 2021-08-04 16:18

The "Era - Spirit of Shanghai", which has been a permanent show in Shanghai since Sep. 2005, started a new journey from July 31, 2021. The premiere ceremony of the newly created "Era 2 - Spirit of Shanghai", a revision of the original, was held in Shanghai Circus World on that day.

From August, the brand-new show will begin its daily run as a new resident show in Shanghai Circus World.

The show is jointly invested by SMG Performing Arts Group (SMG Live), China Arts and Entertainment Group Ltd. (CAEG), and Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe Ltd., and is operated by Shanghai Era Entertainment Ltd.

The show, a collaboration between a French choreography team and Chinese artists, features a completely new storyline, scenes and exhibitions of acrobatics, dance, theater and extreme sports.

At the premiere ceremony, the six actors of the show ignited the symbols of "inclusive of all rivers", "pursuit of excellence", "enlightened wisdom," "general humility", "advance with the times", and "struggle hard." The six lights of the spirit of Shanghai city finally converge into a space-time energy ball in the center of the stage which is activated by the representatives of all parties, opening the prologue of "Era 2- Spirit of Shanghai".

From its debut to Jan 2020, the original show was performed for nearly 15 years, or 5,354 times, receiving 5.25 million Chinese and foreign fans and bringing in revenue of more than 650 million yuan (($101 million).


"Era 2– Spirit of Shanghai" features spectacular acrobatics. [Photo/ CAEG]