Chinese Tang poems revived in Suzhou concert

Print Share Updated: 2020-11-27 16:30


Ancient Tang Poems from iSING! Suzhou to the World launched its world premiere at the Suzhou Culture and Arts Center in East China’s Jiangsu province on the evening of Nov 24.

The concert revealed 14 awarding-winning works from the iSING! Global Young Composer Competition and a commissioned work by a special composer. Renowned conductor Lin Daye led the Suzhou Orchestra, and four folk music artists from the China National Traditional Orchestra also joined the show.

A host of singers and choruses presented wonderful performances, including 12 singers from the iSING! Global Young Composer Competition from China, the US, Russia, Nicaragua, Mexico, Serbia and Ukraine, the China National Traditional Orchestra Chorus, and the Suzhou New Era Group Children's Chorus.

The 2020 iSING! Global Young Composer Competition is the world’s first annual cultural event celebrating Tang Dynasty poetry with music. 101 composers from 18 countries and regions have participated over the course of seven months. After review by a panel of judges - including seven world-famous composers, conductors, opera experts and performing artists - 14 young composers from eight countries were given awards. 

Multiple award-winning works from the competition, as well as one commissioned work, Invitation to Wine, were performed at the concert, combining contemporary stage art with a thousand-year-long literature legacy via international interpretation and the perfect integration of music and literature. It is an exemplary innovative display of Chinese poetry and culture, which enhances a vivid understanding and a better recognition of Chinese poetry among audiences at home and abroad.

The direct video recording of the concert has been incorporated into the online "Happy Chinese New Year" program list organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, which is scheduled to be promoted on major online platforms around the globe.

The event was co-sponsored by China Arts and Entertainment Group Ltd (CAEG) and Suzhou New Era Group, and co-executed by Suzhou Culture and Arts Center and the Asian Performing Arts Council (APAC).

The event was attended by the head of Suzhou Publicity Department Jin Jie, president of CAEG Li Jinsheng, general manager of CAEG Li Baozong, and deputy head of Suzhou Publicity Department Yang Fang. Nearly 800 local residents also watched the show.