Foshan Grand Theatre marks 1st anniversary

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Foshan Grand Theatre, directly operated by China Performing Arts Agency (CPAA) Theatres, celebrated its 1st anniversary on October 12, 2019. As a “landmark of city, beacon of art” in Foshan, South China's Guangdong province, Foshan Grand Theatre instills vitality into local residents’ cultural life and the city’s cultural development.


Based on the quality resources of the China Arts and Entertainment Group (CAEG) and the professional operation of CPAA Theatres, Foshan Grand Theater has aligned its repertoire with the international level and oriented its theater service with first-tier cities. Over the past year, the theater has staged more than 130 performances, attracting 75,000 people and bringing in a ticket revenue of 9 million yuan ($1.28 million).


Foshan Grand Theater has gathered a large number of domestic and overseas troupes and artists to showcase impressive performances, including the world-famous operas such as Turandot and Tosca, Broadway musicals, dramas, dance dramas and concerts, in order to meet the various needs of audiences of different ages and tastes.


The theatre usually holds activities to bring audiences closer to the artists, backstage and performances to let them experience the fascination of stage art and the beauty of cultural life. Whats more, Foshan Grand Theatre Art Education Center has carried out a series of art training courses and art education popularization activities relying on the theatres professional resources, such as English musicals for teenagers and children’s bilingual musical courses.


Through high-quality performances, Foshan Grand Theatre has greatly enriched the residents’ cultural life, narrowed the distance between stage art and audiences, and spread the charm of stage art to more residents.


The performance season of Foshan Grand Theatre will last for half a year, from August to January, 2020. Some wonderful performances have been staged at the theater, including the original French musical Piaf! Le Spectacle, world-class pianist Li Yundis solo concert, the phenomenal drama of Bai Lu Yuan (White Deer Plain) presented by Shaanxi Peoples Art Theatre, and the drama Wuthering Heights by Chapterhouse Theatre Company.


In the next few months, a batch of literary feasts, including the tour performance from Russia's Alexander Red Flag Song and Dance Troupe, a suspense stage play Newcomer by Japanese writer Keigo Higashino, as well as new year concerts from world-renowned orchestras, will be staged at the theatre.