Tartuffe premiers at the 2019 Lin Zhaohua Theatre Art Festival

Print Share Updated: 2019-07-10 15:24

Tartuffe, a masterpiece of French comedist Molière, was staged in the Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center from July 3-5, during the grand finale of the 8th Lin Zhaohua Theatre Art Festival.

Next, there will be five other performances in the directly-managed theaters of the CPAA Theatres: Guangzhou Opera House (July 10-11), Quanzhou Grand Theatre(July 16), Shanghai Daning Theatre(July 20) and Xiamen Cangjiang Theater(July 24). CPAA Theatres are in the charge of the China Arts and Entertainment Group Ltd.

A stage photo of Molière’s Tartuffe by Lithuanian National Drama Theatre

Tartuffe is the crowning achievement of Molière’s theatrical comedy and renowned as a classic work in the world of drama. The play tells the story of a sanctimonious church fraud named Tartuffe who tried every means to win trust of a wealthy merchant Orgon, seduce his wife, and seize his property. The drama ends well, the truth gets brought to light and Tartuffe gets put in jail.

The new edition of Tartuffe play presented by the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre tries to interpret the classic work from a new perspective. In addition to the rendering of the major character relation of Tartuffe and Orgon, director Oskaras Koršunovas attempted to express his thoughts on people’s plight in a network era through the acts of other characters.

Lithuanian Ambassador to China Ina Marciulionyte attended the premiere. She was delighted to witness the progress of bilateral cultural exchange and looked forward to deepening the cross-cultural communication in the following performances in Shanghai and Guangzhou. 

Oskaras Koršunovas is one of the most representative dramatists in contemporary Lithuania. He said in the address that he was pleased to see more communication and understanding of the two cultures and get applause from Chinese audiences. He hoped to see more Chinese excellent drama performances go on stage in Lithuania.

Lin Zhaohua Theatre Art Festival is China’s first folk international drama exhibition initiated by an individual in 2011. The festival has been endeavoring to present the world’s outstanding plays and introduce topnotch artists to the Chinese audiences and artists to broaden their horizons.

2019 Lin Zhaohua Theatre Art Festival was hosted by the Lin Zhaohua Theatre Workshop and CPAA Theatres with the theme of “Changed and Unchanged”. This year’s event has received great support from the CPAA Theatres as well as the Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center. They not only provided finance and venue, but also showed respect towards the artists’ pursuit and choices to boost its long-term development.