Exhibition celebrates Latin American, Caribbean art

Print Share Updated: 2019-06-17 19:27


Mexican artist Plinio Avila's work. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Sharing the Beauty, an exhibition now running at the Beijing China World Art Museum through June 20, brings together four artists from Latin America and the Caribbean whose works celebrate the brilliant merging of different civilizations and styles. 

Organized by China Arts and Entertainment Group, the exhibition shows paintings, installations, videos and photos which demonstrate featured artists' multiple origins -- Asia, Europe, Africa and America -- as well as their individual style blending expressionism, surrealism and magical realism.

Cuban artist Li Dominguez Fong's paintings show the explosive nature of emotion, Man Yu Fung from Costa Rica discusses a long-term philosophical question: "Who are we?" in her paintings and videos, Mexican artist Plinio Avila hails the openness of art as a communication tool for people through landscapes, and Gustavo Fernandez from Uruguay makes full use of daily objects in his creation.


A work by Gustavo Fernandez from Uruguay. [Photo provided to China Daily]


A painting by Man Yu Fung from Costa Rica. [Photo provided to China Daily]


Cuban artist Li Dominguez Fong's painting. [Photo provided to China Daily]