Trilateral cultural industry forum bears fruit

Print Share Updated: 2018-10-28 09:53

Officials of China, Japan and South Korea discussed ways of promoting cultural industry cooperation between the three countries at this years Trilateral Cultural Industry Forum held in Tianjin Binhai New Area from Oct 19 to 21.


The 11th China-Japan-ROK Cultural Industry Forum is held in Binhai New Area in Tianjin from Oct 19 to 21. [Photo/caeg.cn]

The Trilateral Cultural Industry Forum, alternately held in China, South Korea and Japan, aims to establish a practical cooperation mechanism between the cultural industries of the three countries and promote regional stability and prosperity.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China and the municipal government of Tianjin, the 11th China-Japan-ROK Cultural Industry Forum achieved fruitful results with signing of a joint statement and release of a plan during the three-day event.

According to the joint statement, the three governments will support cooperation between IP enterprises and institutions, recruit and select high-quality IP in advance to join in the Our IPOOL project database, host launch events and roadshows for IP projects and provide a platform for all parties for business negotiations, consultation and trade fairs.

The three countries will continue to strive to establish a fair, transparent, standardized and orderly market environment for IP projects, try to set up the China-Japan-South Korea IP project trading mechanism and a trilateral IP incubation park, and promote IP projects, intellectual property transactions and protection.

Fourteen IP projects from the three countries included in the Our IPOOL plan staged a road show in the Binhai Performing Arts Center on Oct 19.


Representatives from China, Japan and South Korea sign the Joint Statement of the 11th China-Japan-ROK Cultural Industry Forum. [Photo//caeg.cn]

Representatives from the three governments launched the "Our IPOOL" plan, which focused on collecting high-quality IP content at home and abroad and constructing an official platform for project incubation and copyright trading endorsed by the government.

The plan was created in hopes of furthering cooperation in various cultural genres, including animation, games and internet literature.

At a sub-forum of the event on Oct 20, a group of institutions and enterprises from the three countries signed an agreement to set up a coordination consortium for the cultural cooperation among the three countries.

Representatives from the consortium agreed that they would actively take part in the cultural events and projects, strive to produce a synergistic effect in exploring international cultural markets and build a smooth communication channel through the trilateral cultural industry forum. They hope to provide references for the decision-making authorities of the three countries and further promote the industry in a more pragmatic way.


Visitors get a closer look at an intelligent device at the China pavilion during the forum. [Photo/caeg.cn]

Representatives from the three countries also had candid and in-depth discussions on cooperation between cultural industries.

They said they were able to better orient and define the future of cultural industry cooperation, and support future co-incubation of high-quality IP products through consensus reached at the forum.

All three parties believed that discussion is the key to proactively implementing the guidelines put forward by the leaders of the three countries, and that communication and negotiation are key mechanisms in realizing further goals of cooperation as a whole, especially among governments and industries.

Participants also vowed to view culture as a bridge to further promote exchange, establish cultural industry cooperation, promote structural enhancement and upgrade and promote new heights for cooperation in future forums.