Foshan's high culture and art blossoms with two operas

Print Share Updated: 2018-10-18 11:46


Turandot, one of the world's top ten operas, made its debut at the Foshan Grand Theater on October 12. After more than 10 months of joint efforts of nearly 300 cast and staff, the Foshan Grand Theater presented a perfect season premiere to the audience.

The theater's season is underway with world-class creations not only of Turandot but also of Tosca, bringing brand-new artistic pleasures to audiences. From the leading actors, symphony orchestra and choir to costumes, stage props and musical instruments, the productions were brought in from Italy. The visits of the world's top arts groups to Foshan will strengthen the exchange of high culture and art between Foshan and the globe, enriching the Chinese city’s cultural life and speeding up its emergence as "Cultural & Artistic Foshan".


The opening of the season attracted friends from all walks of life including culture, performance and media from Foshan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Beijing. Audiences have expressed their delight in being able to see such first-rate performances in nearby Foshan, and expect to see more fabulous operas in the theater soon.

Besides highlights from Turandot and Tosca, over 10 other performances (27 showings) will embellish the stage, including the original Broadway musical Chicago, the stage play Peppa Pig Live, the Canadian interactive parent-child play You are the show, the Irish-Norwegian band Secret Garden's concert, a New Year's concert performed by the Vienna-based Wiener Johann Strauss Orchester, the Indian musician Alexandro Querevalú's concert The Last of The Mohicans, folk dance from the Russian Berezka Ensemble and the drama Shou Sui.


What deserves to be noticed particularly is the musical Chicago, a landmark in the history of musical theater, with jazz and tango blending in perfectly with a humorous and contemporary story to illustrate an American dream wrapped up in jazz and cigars. Actors, props, sets, costumes, and musical instruments, all come from abroad, to ensure a perfect replica of the production in the West End Theater and Broadway. The Foshan crowd is to get an unparalleled Broadway musical experience visually and acoustically.

The success of Turandot and Tosca has unfolded a new outlook for Foshan's high culture and art. The Foshan Grand Theater will take advantage of the world-class platform provided by the China Arts and Entertainment Group (CAEG) and the CPAA Theater to deepen the local arts groups' communication with their world-leading colleagues, and to take Foshan's excellent cultural works onto the global stage.


Foshan Grand Theater