18th 'Meet in Beijing' Arts Festival graces Beijing

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Party secretary of China Arts and Entertainment Group (CAEG) Li Jinsheng introduces the arts festival at a press conference.


The 18th "Meet in Beijing" annual arts festival, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, State Administration of Radio and Television, and the Beijing municipal government, and organized by the China Arts and Entertainment Group (CAEG) and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture, will be held in Beijing from April 27 to May 31. One hundred and thirty performances, three art exhibitions and a number of charity art education events put on by nearly 800 artists from 44 outstanding arts groups in 19 countries and regions will take part.



Zhai Deyu, deputy director of the Outreach Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, speaks at the press conference.

The ancient civilizations of China and Europe spark wonderful moments

Italy, as the Guest Country of Honor this year, will present a series of shows and activities including the festival's opening concert on April 27. The concert will be conducted by Andrea Molino and Tan Lihua. The Beijing Symphony Orchestra, violinist Lyu Siqing and many well-known Chinese and Italian singers will stage the show together.

Three theme exhibitions, including Art, Culture and Daily Life in Renaissance Italy will be held in the Capital Museum in Beijing, the Italian Piano Show will open at the China Millennium Monument and the Italian Cinematic Art Exhibition from the 1960s will be held in the Art Museum of China at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, all showcasing the development of Italian culture and art from different perspectives.

Countries along the ‘Belt and Road’ bring their best art

The "Belt and Road" theme is more prominent at this year’s art festival. In addition to a number of Italian-related performances, there will be performances by Polish, French, British, Greek, Hungarian, Serbian and Cambodian artists to showcase the status of cultural development along the “Belt and Road”. Exchange and sharing of civilizations will be advanced through the “Meet in Beijing” platform to promote commonality.

The closing drama Confucius has been performed in countries and regions along the Belt and Road and has presented an artistic image of Chinese culture on the overseas stage. The model for national dance drama, Along the Silk Road, will also be on offer. In addition, the dance poem The Origin Dunhuang specially created for the Belt and Road by the Hong Kong Dance Federation will be performed at the festival to promote cultural exchanges with the unique advantages of Hong Kong.

Six categories with unique characteristics

This festival consists of six sections: music, dance, drama, exhibitions, festivals, and public welfare education activities. Selected domestic and foreign high-quality projects and exhibitions have been arranged. Many excellent musicians and music groups from various countries will create an international music feast featuring classical, popular and crossover elements.

The Swingle Singers, Philadelphia All-Star Youth Wind Ensemble, and other artists and orchestras will bring their art to different venues in Beijing. Children’s plays by the China National Theatre for Children and award-winning Italian troupe TPO will stage dramas for younger audiences.

Art festival for the people

The festival’s enriching and interactive low-fee and outdoor performances, artists' workshops, lectures, and campus cultural activities aim to bring the people closer to art.

This year, the festival is focusing on special groups and has collaborated with World of Art Brut Culture (WABC) to perform the Hungarian puppet show Háry János for children with autism on May 1 at the Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center. The event aims to bring happiness and hope to the special groups while conveying its own philosophy of public welfare and triggering social resonance and support.