Silk Road International League of Theatres headquarters in Xicheng, Beijing

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The opening ceremony for Silk Road International League of Theatres (SRILT) headquarters in Xicheng, Beijing was held in Beijing Tianqiao Art Building on the morning of March 27, 2018.


Leaders and guests at the opening ceremony

Leaders and guests attending and addressing the opening ceremony included Zhu Qi, deputy director of the external cultural relations department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism; Xu Li, deputy district head of Xicheng District; Li Jinsheng, secretary of the Party committee of China Arts and Entertainment Group (CAEG); An Zhaohui, secretary of the Party committee and president of Beijing Tianqiao Zenith Investment Group Co Ltd; and Zhang Li, general manager of CPAA Theatres Ltd.

In addition, six embassy officials from Columbia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Sudan, France and the Philippines and the director-general of the Office of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in Beijing witnessed the opening ceremony.



Deputy Director Zhu Qi firstly affirmed the great significance of the arrival of the SRILT headquarters in Xicheng, Beijing. He hoped that more international excellent cultural resources and quality performances, especially from countries along the Silk Road, will be introduced to Beijing and Xicheng District, and extensive exchanges and cooperation with other foreign cities will be promoted by taking this opportunity.   

Deputy District Head Xu Li pointed out that the SRILTs move would surely play a positive role in promoting the strategy of invigorating the district through culture of Xicheng District and bringing the superiority of the region’s cultural resources into full play.

Beijing Tianqiao A future international performing arts hub

Approved by the Ministry of Culture of China and initiated by China Arts and Entertainment Group, the SRILT is an international large multilateral platform for the entertainment industry. To date, the SRILT consists of 86 member units from 32 countries and regions and two international organizations and boasts rich and diversified performing arts resources.


Li Jinsheng, China Arts and Entertainment Group President


Oscar Rueda, Colombian ambassador to China

The SRILTs headquartering in Xicheng, Beijing was an embodiment of the deepened strategic cooperation relations among CAEG, the Peoples Government of Xicheng District and Beijing Tianqiao Zenith Investment Group Co Ltd, as well as a continuation and upgrading of the grand strategy of building Tianqiao performing arts district together.

Taking advantage of Xichengs regional advantages as the core functional area of Beijing and the abundant performing arts resources of the Tianqiao performing arts district, the SRILT will help make its headquarter an international performing arts hub and form an international performing arts chain centered in Beijing Tianqiao, Party secretary Li Jinsheng said, As center of the chain, Beijing Tianqiao will play a vital role in leading the exchanges and cooperation among the members on the chain and attracting more performing arts resources to settle in Xicheng District,” he added.

SRILTs first original opera to be staged in Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center

After headquartering in Xicheng, the SRILT is about to launch its first original opera Marco Polo in the Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center at the end of May this year.


A poster for Marco Polo, an original opera produced by Guangzhou Opera House 

Marco Polo, an original opera produced by Guangzhou Opera House, a member unit of the SRILT, tells the legendary story of a traveler named Marco Polo, who was fascinated with the oriental civilization and came to and left China via the Silk Road. The opera is directed by Kasper Holten, the former director of the world-famous Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. Other outstanding artists from China, Denmark, Belgium and the UK also take part in its creation, conduct and performance. After its debut in Beijing, the opera will tour countries along the Silk Road.

At the end of May this year, the SRILT headquarters will invite its member units to the 5th China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Service, at which time the SRILT, as one of the undertakers of the fair, will organize symposiums on the innovation and integration of the music industry in the context of globalization and display a series of excellent performing arts projects from home and abroad.

I can assure you that the performance and cultural exchange activities up till now are just a beginning. More fine performing arts in Beijing Xicheng and deeper cultural communications can be expected in the future. Party secretary Li Jinsheng said.