Chinese and Italian art show commences in Castel Sant’ Elmo

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The “Evidence · A New State of Art” art show of Chinese and Italian artists commenced at Castel Sant’ Elmo in Naples, Italy at 12 pm on February 10, local time. The show is sponsored by China Arts and Entertainment Group (CAEG) and Garuzzo Institute for the Visual Arts (IGAV) and hosted by China International Exhibition Agency and Beijing Zhongzhan Danqing Exhibition Co Ltd.

Castel Sant'Elmo, Naples, Italy

Over 300 representatives including vice-minister of Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage Antimo Cesaro, Chen Chunmei, deputy Party secretary of CAEG, curators and artists from China and Italy and audiences attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

The exhibition features artworks of 15 Chinese artists namely Liang Quan, Ma Kelu, Duan Zhengqu, Zhan Wang, Wang Shuye, Chen Qiuzhi, Yin Chaoyang, Ye Jianqing, Li Hui, Yang Xinguang, Lyu Song, Qi Lei, Liu Cong, Li Yan and Yu Linhan as well as 17 Italian artists. The exhibition covers paintings, sculptures, installation and photography, reflecting the thinking and exploration of the artistic noumenon in the collision between Chinese and Western cultures from three generations of Chinese and Italian artists.

The artworks reflect China's traditional cultural connotations and the Eastern and Western painting and plastic arts skills, fully demonstrating the spiritual world and artistic pursuit of Chinese contemporary artists. As the Chinese curator Su Peng said, "Artists, with their deep understanding of tradition and their explorations and understanding of Eastern and Western art, have found their own ways of art. They do not evade tradition, they have the courage to embrace traditions and break down boundaries of form of Eastern and Western art. These artists put their understanding of culture and the world to artistic creation." The exhibition reflects the current status of art creation in China and presents a miniature landscape of Chinese contemporary art to the audiences in Naples.

China and Italy both have long history and deep culture. Although the two countries are far away from each other, they have very important positions in world’s art history. The ancient Silk Road once linked the two ancient civilizations closely. The Belt and Road Initiative injected a new vitality to the cultural exchanges between China and Italy in the new era. People of both countries cherish their traditional culture and long for more sincere and pragmatic exchanges.

After visiting the exhibition, a renowned Italian artist Alessandro Demma said that the works of Chinese and Italian artists show their similarities and differences in terms of expression and mode of creation. It is a vivid artistic dialogue, showcasing new feelings and reflections to the audiences. People can feel the artistic and philosophical ideas through the artists’ perspectives.

China International Exhibition Agency, established 67 years ago, is a core enterprise under CAEG.IGAV, established in 2005, is a non-profit cultural agency aiming to promote contemporary art exchange. In recent years, CAEG and IGAV have worked together to host a series of exhibitions in China and Italy. These exhibitions have vigorously promoted dialogue and exchanges in visual arts between China and Italy and enhanced mutual understanding and friendship between the people of the two countries. This exhibition “Evidence · A New State of Art” is a successful continuation of the above cooperation and is another fruitful result of the cultural exchange between China and Italy in the new era.

Castel Sant'Elmo is a medieval fortress with a history of 500 years. It overlooks Naples and is a landmark of the city. The exhibition of contemporary art has added youthful vigor and color to the old castle, attracting a large number of locals and tourists. The exhibition properly embodies the curatorial philosophy of integrating Chinese and Western cultures and combining the present with the past.

The exhibition of 32 artworks of 32 Chinese and Italian artists will run until March 11.


Castel Sant'Elmo


A scene from the opening ceremony of the exhibition