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Live for love, it goes beyond your soul
Live for art, those stars are shining always

Over 700 versions of TOSCA have been played since 1900 in the Rome Opera House, and after 111 years, it is still well received all over the world. There is no doubt that TOSCA is rated as the King of opera. Musically, Tosca is structured as a through-composed work, with arias, recitative, choruses and other elements musically woven into a seamless whole. Puccini used Wagnerian leitmotifs (short musical statements) to identify characters, objects and ideas.

Here is the story: Tosca, a popular singer, falls in love with Cavaradossi, who protected political prisoner Cesare Angelotti during the Napoleonic era. Accused of pro-Jacobin sentiments by bush-league dictator Scarpia, Cavaradossi is arrested and sentenced to death. Using her amorous wiles, Tosca tries to arrange a reprieve for her lover, only to be double-crossed by Fate at the finale.


In May 2011, as the one year birthday approaches, Guangzhou Opera House will cooperate with the Rome Opera House for the great performance – TOSCA -- in a brand new history-making version. The new opera house, designed by the British architect Zaha Hadid, has invested over ten millions into the production and invited top stars and the best crews from Europe and Asia to take part. The production is sure to rock Guangzhou and the opera world upwards and downwards.

Composer: Giacomo Puccini
Conductor: Daniel Oren
Director: Maurizio di Mattia
Micaela Carosi play Floria Tosca
Piero Giuliacci play Mario Cavaradossi
Roberto Frontali play Baron Scarpia
Carlo Striuli play Cesare Angelotti
Warren Mok play Mario Cavaradossi
Zhang Liping play Floria Tosca
Ko Seng-Hyoun play Baron Scarpia

Macao Orchestra
Choir of China Opera and Dance Theatre
Guangzhou Little Skylark Children's Choir